Digital Twin Creation for the Metaverse

Make your Digital Footprint

Increase Visits

Increase traffic by inspiring more visits to your locations.

Brand Awareness

Use a digital experience to enhance brand awareness.

Make your Mark

Gain access to metaverse real estate before it is claimed by others.


Begin with uploading free roam video and images of your space. Our AI will convert your assets into a digital 3D model.


Once your digital space is uploaded, you can add markers, guided paths and entrances to control the experience.


Your digital twin can then be experienced in any browser without downloading anything!

Bring the future to every vertical

Real estate, retail, travel, hospitality, and more. Our technology digitizes any object or space, giving you the power to explore them online. It works on any device: mobile, desktop, or VR.

Our app is launching soon

Seize your place in the metaverse with MeetKai's Reality Space. Coming 2023.