AI to Power
a Better Life

MeetKai was founded to improve the way we interact with technology by leveraging AI.
October 2023
Sony Pictures’ Thanksgiving joins the MeetKai Metaverse
October 2023
The Charlotte Hornets join the MeetKai Metaverse
July 2023
Silicon Box works with MeetKai for its metaverse solution
July 2023
BYD joins the MeetKai Metaverse
June 2023
Tier 1 Teleco works with MeetKai for its metaverse solution
May 2023
MeetKai Metaverse surpasses 1M users
April 2023
The Drone Racing League joins the MeetKai Metaverse.
March 2023
BITNILE.COM joins the MeetKai Metaverse
January 2023
Metaverse Platform Closed Alpha
July 2022
Metaverse Beta 1
June 2022
Cloud AI reaches 50 million devices
January 2022
AI Metaverse Prototype
January 2021
"Kai VA" prototype
July 2018