Brands rely on MeetKai to bring their worlds to life in the metaverse.

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Digital twins of real life locations or bespoke creations

MeetKai creates worlds that are the next generation of the online user experience. We provide browser-based tools for brands to interactively tell their stories and showcase their products.

eCommerce & Gamification

Integrate products and services seamlessly into your worlds.

Multi-Media & Live Streaming

Integrate multi-media and livestreams to create an immersive experience.

Ads integration & Partner Activations

Explore profit opportunities in your metaverse.

Ecommerce & Gamification

Create exciting games for your customers to stay and explore.

Multi-media & Live Streaming

Pictures, videos, and livestreams can be integrated into our metaverse worlds for an immersive brand experience.

Ads Integration & Partner Activations

Profit from ad integrations, sell naming rights, and market pop-up branding opportunities to your customers.