The Disruptive Ecosystem

Disruptive sister companies to power the future of technology.

VeriSilicon Microelectronics

Platform-based, all-round, one-stop custom silicon service.

Blue Cheetah Analog Designs

Blue Cheetah generates state-of-the-art in-package, die-to-die communication solutions for the chiplet ecosystem.


Aviva is redefining the in-vehicle connectivity landscape with the world’s most advanced solutions that include unique and scalable portfolio of ICs and software stacks.

Wonderland Engine

We optimize – You concentrate on content. Stop waiting for tools – start building big.


Cloud computing and cloud-based payroll at your reach with Nubis.


Turn people into realistic avatars.

Ramen Networks

We are in the process of building a world-class company.

AlphaWave IP

We are a global leader in high-speed connectivity for the world’s technology infrastructure.

Story Machine

Story Machine is a powerful no-code engine for professional 2D adventure games.

Danger Devices

Self-designing integrated circuits imagined by world-class talent with modern software methodology.


Experience AI inference at the speed of life.

Bolt Graphics

Bring your biggest ideas to life with the Bolt Graphics Ray Tracing solution.

Dream Big Semiconductor

The Dream Big Semiconductor team has top innovators of Semiconductor industry with an unmatched proven track record of disruptive technologies.

Ventana Micro

RISC-V® Performance Leader - Delivering a family of data center class CPU cores.

Silicon Box

We provide cutting-edge semiconductor design and device integration services, through our industry leading adoption of chiplets.

Zerro Power Systems

Our aim is to design best in class products that will reduce the total system cost to a fraction of conventional solutions.

FLC Technology Group

Changing the way the world computes.

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